Herbie Hancock: Possibilities

Another brilliant journey of a jazz artist, a pioneer, a visionary - a leader... When people tell their story, it amazes me every time - you simply cannot replicate the personal experiences.  Their stories have to be told in their voice, with their passion, their own embellishments, truths, etc. Possibilities does this and more.  Herbie [...]

Mind Control: Empire, Fox, and other stupid sh!t

What is this Drip Drop crap?!?!?  Is this a hip-hop spoof??  SNL? We are dealing with some serious mind control... Stereotypical B.S....   Excuse, after excuse...  Stop the madness! There are a number of us who are literally putting ourselves on the line, in harms way, everyday, to educate our children and their parents.  We advocate, we meet [...]

“5 Black Students Named Rhodes Scholars”

(L-R: Tayo Sanders, Rachel Harmon, Ridwan Hassen, Sarah Yerima and Robert Fisher) I am very proud of our young scholars and pray that one day we can provide them with these types of opportunities without having to receive awards named after the murderous devil called Cecil Rhodes.   Hopefully these brilliant young warriors will take the [...]

Black men need to take responsibility

Forever Black Effusion

Black men have to take huge responsibility for all these black women with messed up weaves, skin lightening creams, booty implants etc, in every society women look for their men to validate them, which means what their men show they like the women try to be and black men show time and time again they want either light skin black women with straight hair or white women, so many black women try to look like that, it’s the same thing with white men and women, their men show they want women with blonde hair, blues eyes, a slim figure, big tits and no ass, so the women kill themselves trying to be that.

If the famous black men started only dating black women with natural hair watch how quickly things would change.


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Ugandan Kids Choir – Inspiring!

Sometimes you don't know where inspiration will come from. I am about to start a bucket drumming club with youth at the local Harvey Rice School in Cleveland on Tuesdays.  Since proclaiming that I would start such a club, I have been in need of a push - just a little nudge to give me some [...]

Body Talk: A Yoga Experience

After visiting the Yoga exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA), I have come to the realization of a divine truth.  Enlightenment, on whatever level, is inevitable. I ask the question:  Is death truly our greatest fear?  I would never want to believe that, but I have recently witnessed some things that may convinced [...]

The Warrior Poet – a tribute to Da Ghost

The past few months have been a bit of a challenge.  In fact, this whole year thus far has been more than a challenge, but I am thankful in the moment.  In late April I lost the earthly presence of a friend and brother Rayshawn D. Armstrong a.k.a Jigg a.k.a. Da Ghost, Most Wanted Trapped in [...]