The Journey Continues



Brooklyn, NY


Memphis, TN


Washington, D.C.

Justice or Else is that they said.

Farrakhan spoke to wake the dead.

Instituted a broke a battered people with hope for a new day in an ancient way.

Firm grip on the message of love and protection; prosperity and family.

Have we truly lost our way?

Allowed our mind to stray?

Hooked on the drugs and sex of it all.

While missing your ancestral call.

AKoBEN – Sound the alarm.

Prepare for the spiritual warfare of crisis and uprising.

You thieves of the culture best beware, for your time has come.

Justice or Else is what they said,

Farrakhan spoke to wake the dead.

I watched the faces of men march up Pennsylvania Ave, determined to touch the sky.

Beautiful sistas strutting along the boulevard.

The blessed babies ready and willing

Reacting, responding to the soundbomb –

– the sound bomb blasting – AKoBEN!

Blow the horn, louder, the Ngoma Awakens the spirit,

Careful, ’cause the rhythm don’t lie.

The dumb-down music of the day

– danger zone – molded to make the masses follow.

Blind leading the blind into a unconscious, zombie mind.

Void of critical thought.

Morals distraught.

Guessing games gotta go. Arm your mind with knowledge, ya dig?

Justice or Else is what they said.

Farrakhan spoke to wake the dead.

What does freedom mean in 2016.

Organize the mind, galvanize for the movement.

Search for the synthesized levels of thought,

And don’t allow your soul to be bought.cropped-010d72473205a3eaf47d45969df7fd4d.jpg


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