A Quick Stop in Detroit

I took a quick journey with the ladies to the Detroit/Windsor (CA) area for the 2018 Headwrapping Expo with our amazing elder Queen Fatima. Detroit has its issues for sure, but don’t believe all the hype – judge for yourself. There are many black owned thrift stores, book stores and vegan restaurants, art murals everywhere, the Charles H. Wright Museum, jazz, and access to Canada that cannot be overlooked.

For this trip we ventured into an Airbnb in Windsor just for variety’s sake. Canada is a beautiful place – clean and friendly – but that was one interesting evening, to say the least. First, we were stopped at the border and damn near strip searched! They went through everything, which was so annoying. The only funny moment came when the guy guard went through my toiletry bag and pulled out my Egyptian Musk oil. He didn’t recognized the little bottles that oils usually come in and loudly asked, “what is this, what is this?!?” We were all like, “dude relax, it’s a fragrant oil”. The lady guard asked why it didn’t have a label. SMH. After that we went to KFC (no shaming!) and ordered a bucket. There was a brotha of African descent complaining and we were wondering why. Well, when we got back to the Airbnb house, we understood! Apparently, when they say a 12 piece, they actually mean pieces, not parts. So, thighs and breasts were cut into “pieces”. Wow. Are Canadians that health conscious are we overeating? Hmmmm.

So then we got lost in Windsor, where there are little to no street lights and no phone reception! We had to rely on instinct to get to the house. We eventually made it and were expecting to meet some Canadians at the house and have a quick chat, but the owners were Chinese and barely spoke any English. No diss, just thought we would find some actual Canadians and discuss a few topics – Trump politics, health care, litter free living – that old stuff.

Before heading back over to the states, we stopped by the Underground Railroad Memorial. We also found a coffee shop, Gennaro Coffee Company, that had some amazing kahawa!!

Once we were back in Detroit we headed to Detroit Vegan Soul (West). Delicious!

The final stop was the 6th Annual Headwrap Expo at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center. A nice day and half road trip! -peace

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