Herbie Hancock: Possibilities

Another brilliant journey of a jazz artist, a pioneer, a visionary – a leader… When people tell their story, it amazes me every time – you simply cannot replicate the personal experiences.  Their stories have to be told in their voice, with their passion, their own embellishments, truths, etc.


Possibilities does this and more.  Herbie Hancock brings a spirit of kuumba and an energy of tranquility as he narrates his story.  The music is amazing, the struggles were real, the triumphs were unprecedented.  As I listened to the book (which he read, by the way), I found myself wanting to hear every song that he mentioned.  So, being a librarian I ordered every single album (CD) and now I am having a wonderful time listening to each album in its entirety.  Also, I was able to quickly listen to several tracks on YouTube (technology can be great! – Herbie would agree).


I watched the performance of him with the Miles Davis Quintet and the “standing ovation” performance of Rockit at the ’83 Grammy Awards, which he called one of the greatest moments in his life.  I was able to vicariously relive that moment.  I felt a high.

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As much as I love to read the words in a book and create my own voice for the character, listening to the stories invokes the tradition of the Jali (Griot/storyteller) , an inherent characteristic of the Afrikan experience.

One of my favorite Herbie Hancock collabs:

Next up… Miles…

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