My Veggie Challenge

The world is now full of vegetarian and vegan based menus, conversations, movements, literature and the like.  This same world is also full of MEAT!!  Advertisements, sales at grocery stores, fast food restaurants, etc.  Ultimately, the decision is yours (for better or worse), but perhaps sometimes we need a little concise information and those in our inner circles who have made the transition from eating meat to help us along the way.  The message has to be consistent and it has to make sense.


Vegan Mac and Cheese! – one of my signature dishes (so to speak)

So, in an attempt to get started, I began reading articles, books, searching for videos and recipes (see below), and most importantly, talking with vegetarians and vegans.  The latter was a challenge because vegetarians and vegans have different philosophies on why they don’t eat meat.  All appear to agree (for the most part), that the health benefits are incredible; that vegetables provide most, if not all of the nutrients, vitamins, etc. needed to live a wonderful life.  There are some who are all about the raw veggies, some that are all about the animal rights, and some that are all about gardening – some all of the above!

But, despite all, my journey has been tailored just for me, by me.  I still like some meat (seafood and chicken), I have to be honest.  So, the first thing that I have had to do is reintroduce myself to certain vegetables that I had not eaten in a long time.  Then I started experimenting with the ones that I never liked, or better yet, never tried – okra, squash, zucchini, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, etc. – essentially, expand my options.  So far, so good.  Also, learning of the benefits of certain herbs such as tumeric, the power foods such as kale, the different oils, etc. makes the challenge greater, but even more fulfilling.  And, I will use less and less salty seasonings on meats (because I was told that we don’t crave meat, we crave the salt).  Slowly, but surely, I’m getting there…

Peace and love to my Sista Rashimba ‘Wild’ Bloom for the veggie advice, recipes, and much needed encouragement to keep on pushin’ and to Sista Erinn Sneed for keeping it SO real.  Also, I recently met the founders of Rawkin’, strict vegans who only eat in the raw.  So, the education continues!    peace

*I’m compiling different things on Pinterest as well to help me along the way.  Check ’em out!  pinterest-button3

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