BCALA Conference 2017

I had a great time at the BCALA Conference in Atlanta!  In case you don’t know, BCALA stands for Black Caucus of the American Library Association.  No doubt, I am honored to be a librarian of African descent.  I often wear my garb to work proudly, even though I have been questioned on it at times (good and bad) – I could care less.   No one will stop me from representing my culture.  And Brother Sekou (a.k.a Andrew P. Jackson) is one of the main reasons that I bravely dress as I do without reservation.

I first saw this brother (pictured below) at an event at the American Library Association Conference in Chicago years ago.  Most of the men were dressed in suits with neckties, but Brother Sekou was in full African regalia!  I admired that to the fullest and began a new journey – to lose the necktie.  I still live by that code to this day.  I may or may not put on a tie again, but for now – I will pass.

Back to Atlanta, we had the best time.  The weather, the hospitality, the vendors and the conference presenters were all wonderful.  We went out for vegan dishes and visited several African shops, and the HBCU’s.  And to top things off, I was able to hang out with cousin Kiki!!  A perfect trip South.

I forgot this band’s name, but they were nice!

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