My Prayer – Ashe

I am offering a little piece of me.   I am sharing my daily prayer with YOU.   I hope that it will inspire and bring some additional guidance to your life.   It has done wonderful things for me... - Ali Jamal   "Ashe" - so mote it be.


Just taking a quick moment to vent... So tired of the gunshots, especially when I know that the guns are not manufactured in the city - and aimed at one another; when I know the profitable makers don't appear to give a damn; when the media images pumped into the minds of many are purposefully … Continue reading Gunshots!

How George Duke Changed My Life

Well, the title may be a bit dramatic to taste, but this represents the power of art.  Sometimes it is simply a matter of influence. When I was just a grade school student I was introduced to jazz and reggae via my brother who to a large extent was influenced by our big sister's high … Continue reading How George Duke Changed My Life

Hill District – Pittsburgh, PA

Photos from my quick stop in Pittsburgh, PA's Hill District.  Home of great ancestors such as Art Blakey, August Wilson and EJ Josey.  There was a great shop called the Ujamaa Collective.  Click the logo to check out their site!  

My Veggie Challenge

The world is now full of vegetarian and vegan based menus, conversations, movements, literature and the like.  This same world is also full of MEAT!!  Advertisements, sales at grocery stores, fast food restaurants, etc.  Ultimately, the decision is yours (for better or worse), but perhaps sometimes we need a little concise information and those in … Continue reading My Veggie Challenge

Social Media Madness?

Most recently I had a friend state that she liked “men” that used social media sparingly.  Respect.  Funny thing is, she said it on – a social media site.  So, the problem is of course that sometimes we need to do one majorly important thing – sssshhhhhhh.... No love lost, my friend. Seriously though, I … Continue reading Social Media Madness?

Black men need to take responsibility

Forever Black Effusion

Black men have to take huge responsibility for all these black women with messed up weaves, skin lightening creams, booty implants etc, in every society women look for their men to validate them, which means what their men show they like the women try to be and black men show time and time again they want either light skin black women with straight hair or white women, so many black women try to look like that, it’s the same thing with white men and women, their men show they want women with blonde hair, blues eyes, a slim figure, big tits and no ass, so the women kill themselves trying to be that.

If the famous black men started only dating black women with natural hair watch how quickly things would change.


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