Front Row at Alvin Ailey’s!

(So, this happened a year ago – but the experience is long-lasting)  

Yep, I splurged a little, made a quick road trip to downtown Toledo, OH and was escorted by ushers to the FIRST ROW of the Valentine Theatre.  After a short wait, popcorn and a whiskey sour, the lights went out, and the performance began.  Grant it, this was Ailey II, the younger crew of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, but they are amazing just the same.

I was able to see the troupe perform one of my favorites, Rocka My Soul, just a few feet away.  It was absolutely mesmerizing, spiritual, familiar, necessary.

Here’s a clip of the Classic…


I must admit, the new school edge that was seen throughout the show was great too.

This was one of new favorites: “In and Out” choreographed by Jean Emile.


I have urged any and everybody – if you see the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater coming your way (or even close), you HAVE to go see them.  It’s on THE checklist!

…part of the experience.

A visual progression of the ancestor Alvin Ailey himself.  peace

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