Hip Hop, Is that YOU?!?

You all already know why I’m asking that question, right?  

For the past decade or more, rap music has become outright terrifying.  I was just about to hang it up!  Talib went Tweet, twat mad, Busta Bus falling off stages (with the Luvs my CoCo dude – No!!!) Yasin Bey b.k.a. Mos Def fled the country (that’s all good), but then announced his retirement?  Afrika Bambatta accused of molestation?!?  Damn.  I even saw new claims of Tupac being alive.  We got desperate, ya’ll.

But then I saw Team Backpack and 16yo Astro on Sway and I felt blood going back into my toes.  Then I saw Gza in concert, then Grand Master Flash…  Then Netflix stepped in with the documentaries like Sample This, Art of Organized Noise, and then Luke Cage emerged with the genius of Ali Shaheed Muhammad, then The Get Down, and I was like, Okay!  My fingers started tingling.

And then there was…

De La Soul!  and the Anonymous Nobody

Favorite Cuts?  Nosed Up (Such attitude, super dope lyrics and so well structured!); second Royalty Capes; and that opening with Jill Scott?!?

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Common!  Black America Again

Favorite Cuts?  Pyramids  (One of those, close your eyes so you can see the words and feel it joints); second Unfamiliar – (“Hey Lil’ Mama”), and A Bigger Picture!  “I feel at home in the hood.”  And, those dope interludes too.

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A Tribe Called Quest!  We Got It From Here

Favorite Cuts?  Melatonin, Enough, We the People, The Donald, can’t decide!

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And can I please get a Bobby Digital shout out?!?


Me and the R-Z-A


[Bobby Digital sound – All through the TCQ album.  Luvin it!] 

Virgo Season was on Fleek this year!  (Ha ha). There’s no denying it.  Hip hop and rap may actually live to see another day…

*Then there’s ABC putting on a coon show with lil wayne.  And young thug naming a song For My People, and wearing a bunch of dresses.


oh damn – focus!

…and check out the youngins!


And FINALLY, one more shout out.  Rest in Power Phife Dog!

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