Pre-Kwanzaa Time

For me, the season before “The Season” consists of planning for Kwanzaa celebrations – either as a co-facilitator, a performer, or simply a participant.  As a public librarian I always want to keep my community informed and involved, especially when there are mind-bending opportunities available.  Mind-bending may seem a bit dramatic, but it is so real.dec26_final_720

Many people of Afrikan descent do not acknowledge or agree with the truth that they are indeed connected to the mother continent of Afrika, Alkelbula, or whatever you wish to call it.  Kwanzaa serves as a direct connector to the motherland and is one of the only enriching moments that we can readily share in this country (and perhaps in other countries as well).  It is a reminder and time to reflect and reinforce the basic principles of life by which we should all strive to live.

This year, I hope to host a very memorable experience for the community by celebrating Kwanzaa at the library with loved ones, my extended family Uplyff, Inc. and others.  There are a number of places and organizations hosting Kwanzaa Celebrations this year.  Check out the flyer and listing and get out to a celebration this year!  I will be documenting my Kwanzaa Journey this year as it unfolds over the next two weeks.  -peace

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