Everyone Makes Mistakes, Right?

My dear Sista in the arts and in the cosmos, Erykah Badu, seemed to make the mistake of her career.  Bad album?  Or photo shoot?  Nope.  Far beyond the awkward appearing relationships with the various fathers of her children.  In fact, who cares about that?!?  That is her business.  It doesn’t affect her music, her flyness, her understanding of love and family, and as a fellow musician who fantasizes about meeting and even performing with her, I have no beef with her lifestyle.


However, when my Sista called R. Kelly her ‘brother’ and even introduced this guy on television, my stomach turned – seriously!  My heart hurt.  I had to get off the couch and walk out.  I was disappointed and saddened.

My precious daughter is 8 years old now.  The young lady Kelly paid, urinated on,  and had perform oral sex on him was 14!  I will not incriminate myself by saying what I would do if this happened to my child in six years by some 30 something year old man.  Needless to say, it would not be pretty.

So, all in all, Erykah, please, please, say something against this – correct your actions – redeem!  This damaged brother (R. Kelly) is not beyond redemption himself, but until he begins the process, we should not ignore this obvious problem that he has had for much of his adult life (according to his former friends and the video that HE made!)  Healing begins with admitting that there is a problem to begin with.  I know all too well.

And, by the way, NAACP, you aren’t off the hook either for that Image Award.  See Image Award for R. kelly causes furor

NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop the madness!

If you don’t stand for something, then you will fall for anything.



2 thoughts on “Everyone Makes Mistakes, Right?

  1. I feel you brother. You’re not alone. Badu let me down with this one. I love her but….she lost some cool points with me. As a matter of fact she wasn’t alone in accepting him. I saw a host of other celebs that were on stage with Robert(child molester) Kelly. So Badu was not alone in accepting this predator on young girls. Kelly as a history of doing this. Did we all forget about Aaliyah??
    Here’s a great video by my brother Dawah. He speaks the 100% TRUTH in this video. he breaks down the whole Soul Train Awards. And I agree with everything he said. I think you will too.

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