#Virgo in the Studio

Finally! We're getting that first album done. Good times - hard work! http://www.hashtagvirgo.com Day 1Day 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8msedMlL7M Our Tiny Desk Submission. No doubt we were one of the finalist!

Habari Gani? Kwanzaa 2018!

A little drumming with Wulfgar Jr and this amazing little brother on Day 1 of Kwanzaa - Umoja at the Rice Library with the UPLYFF, INC. family Speaking on Day 2 of Kwanzaa - KJUCHAGULIA - at the Warrensville Heights Library

7 X 6 – A New Life Cycle Begins!

42 Years and I am honored to be alive, in this present state.  I receive blessings daily and offer thanks to the ancestors.  From Emma to Otis, John Charles, Penford, Lizzie, James, Little, Johnny, Lucinda, and countless others - amazing people - Pam, Ray, Will, Ryan, Thaddeus, Justin, Jonathan, Kai, Dr. Williams.  Ashe' Asante sana. … Continue reading 7 X 6 – A New Life Cycle Begins!