7 X 6 – A New Life Cycle Begins!

42 Years and I am honored to be alive, in this present state.  I receive blessings daily and offer thanks to the ancestors.  From Emma to Otis, John Charles, Penford, Lizzie, James, Little, Johnny, Lucinda, and countless others – amazing people – Pam, Ray, Will, Ryan, Thaddeus, Justin, Jonathan, Kai, Dr. Williams.  Ashe’

Asante sana.  Tutaonana Baadaye.

My new journey has commenced!  I am excited and loving life.  And to all who are reading this, I hope that YOU are too!


If you didn’t know, there is a belief and understanding that the calculated number of seven represents each life cycle.  Believe it or not, if you think about it critically, you will soon realize how this cycle of seven is really on point.  Do your own math.  I compared my life events to those that are spelled out with the seven year cycles and I felt truly enlightened.  Ya dig?  Did I mention that I’m going to the Motherland for the first time – at 42?!?

Check out this excerpt:

“In the next cycle from forty-two until forty-nine a major change usually takes place. It is as if one takes all of one’s life experience up till this age and begins to digest it, and extract from it new ideals and a new direction in life. There is often tremendous unrest in this period and that following it. The unlived aspects of life cry out to be recognised and allowed. The desire to make a mark in life if it has not already been achieved presses for action here.”

From the article Every Seven Years You Change

So, as I continue to live, I plan for a future and I keep on pushing through the day-to-day with the best of them.  Challenges be damned, let’s love ourselves and encourage one another.  Let us begin to let go of the past, meditate, read, listen, surround ourselves with powerfully positive energies, and learn from the ancestors – our creator speaks through them.   Then get your a.. to work!  The ancestors didn’t lay this path for us to be chillin’ all the time either.

And so…

We’ve had a great season Team Virgo!  The S(u)n is soon leaving our constellation and until the spotlight returns, we have a lot of work to do!

Yeah, I love my Virgos (and everyone else too, lol).  Salaam.

Click to Image and Read First Maiden by my Bro J After Dark

It’s poetic power.


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