I’m a career Librarian – an info-specialist/community organizer/culture keeper/social worker/surrogate parent (and spouse)/law enforcer/food servant/computer tech/poet-musician/craftsmaster/revolutionary/gamer/exercise instructor/master chef/gardener/speaker/political ally/therapist/punching bag/manager and friend. All in a days work – no big deal at all, just what I do.

Within those boundaries (or not), I will always be a champion for the people. I have so many amazing experiences within the walls of the library. I meet some wonderful people with brilliant minds, connect with enlightened individuals who posses divine knowledge and abilities, and collaborate with creative beings that are determined to change the world.

And, well, I blog about it – not nearly as much as I should, but it is what it is, ya dig?

Anisfield Wolf Book Awards – 2019

Library Community Garden-Year 4!

A thing of Beauty… and POWER – The Warrensville Community Mural

Library Community Garden Year 3!