Enlightened minds break down synthetic barriers.  

They carry burden with pride

Often, with no soldiers on their side

Just pretenders and defenders of the same bullshit that they have done their whole lives  

But regardless of the wake up and rise up.  

When you’re standing in the dungeon, simply climb up

When the devil feeds you lies, and

Saboteurs project dis-ease onto you, then dot their eyes up

Hard punches reserved for the tough times.  

Snap back and snatch back your freedom until you own it. 

The message is clear, and yet many steeped in fear. 

And when this little light of mine shines to the heavens 

The bright stars in eastern skies become planets.

New life form, ready for solar return

As we learn that the sun doesn’t move

It doesn’t rotate, it holds fast – it is masculine

The earth is she – her spirit is the chi

Her POWER bubbling and building in the core. 

I adore how she spins and rotates.  A goddess divine who continues to fight

…for her right to love and live and believe.  

Thoughts open to cosmic love connections with Tehuti at the helm. 

The one, the man, making his plan – enlightened by the wombman, the heroine, the Maat – symbolic and fierce – armed with righteous balance.  

Her wings and depth brighten the mind, inspiring the artist and scribe to strive for greatness

The subliminal substandard of hating ‘cause your hurting ends today.

Stand strong in the light, in the line to justice, like I told you before… 

My crew won’t bend won’t fall, cause we answer the call – always and forever. 

Learning from every mistake that I put on my plate. 

On this path to greatness, no fakeness aloud in my cloud cause I only get down with the best of ’em.

The welcome is real – no matter how checkered your past or how much pain you feel.

We heal – together. Enlightened spirits climb, Inspired spirits work overtime. We stop at nothing..

Let us overcome, outlast, and obliterate the hate.  For it is never too late… to see yourself in the reflections of a divine light.

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