Another Long Journey

As I navigate incessant noise

Of arguments and gun shots

Racial rants, schemes and political plots

My ears grow weary, bleeding on queue.

The rhetoric and ridiculous notions

Of materialism and mental madness

I need to get away from

An inherent longing to be that butterfly who fleas,

that monarch that travels cross seas and …continents..

On a mission to survive and pass on legacy with beauty and magic

Wishing that those among me would break their silence

And be honest about the state of our affairs

My rage and frustration often met with stares

Ready to rid my soul of this sickness

This dismissive style of dipping and diving

In and out of the spiritual movement

Lacking truth

And putting words to action just to prove it

People playing games

It never ends, it never wanes

We rise above, refuse to live in shame

Hold on to one another and boldly step into the flame.

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