Told by society’s eyes

That I am to be marginalized. And then criticized.

But I revoke your proclamation of greed and deceit.

I have spent years debating the Race.

Filling empty space

With tone deaf sentiment
Built up resentment. Incomplete stories And wicked images.
Until I soon realized that I am already enough.

In my mind,

The story that should be told dares the artist to be bold
Fearless, relentless, dynamic and ready for the test.

Self-determined and Self-defended
Ready for reform. Refusing to conform.

Loving mankind, loving creation, and constellations
…a Love Supreme.

Beings I’m seeing, with open chakras. A keen sense of transcendence…

Because I am already enough.

I write to defy the odds, I drum to awaken the gods

Emotions jumping around like words off the page.

And I soon had to embrace the fact that my mind is often in a rage.
I look out and see the faces that look like mine. Damaged, destructive and often declined. Denied credibility, void of opportunity,

Just because of the lie… That we all are forced to live…

Contorted vibrations, split the turntables, flipped the folktales and fables
Exploited and diverted, distracted and contracted

And yet still, I am already enough.
Prayer to a melanated Messiah. Cause, I cannot tell lies on Ra. The heat and helium

Burns and feeds the flesh.
Watching Arabian-Egyptians claim and control the relics and ancient Ntr,

Steal the identity and mimic the trendsetters
Out for divine truth, I reach into the past

Sankofa style, running wild across the sky
Looking for clusters on high

Galaxies and mysteries Of the Nubian.
Feel me in. Frequently, with wisdom of attributes

Fed monotheistic madness
Twisted to control the masses
When we were already enough
We allowed the cloak to be pulled over our eyes

We continue to lie to our souls
From Black Christ, to black cop, we think twice, but don’t stop
Because in the end,

We hold hands

We stand strong – together

Find love, in likeness to brown leather
Leather skin, tight, shiny uncracked in weather

Lineage passed on to the babies. Self-esteem and pride opens up the mind.

The goal is…
To know that you have made it, my brother. You are beautiful, my sister.
Your divine nature is enough

Your curves and grooves are enough

Your universe and well rehearsed rhetorical verse is simply enough.
Now get out there

Birth a nation.  Pour libation.  And release.

Listen closely…
Do you hear the whistle?

Board the vessel in the late hour. Ride to a new land, a place conceived in your mind.

It is your destiny. Plan your path and escape.  I hear music, soothing melodies and syncopated phrases.  
It is your time. So take a moment and make YOUR world unapologetically sublime.
Because on THIS day, understand that

You were made in their image. Expectations run high.
You come from greatness

And to greatness you shall return.

3 thoughts on “Enough

  1. I’m writing this from a personal stand point. Ali Jamal is my youngest son and I am so proud of the man he has become. Great dad and activist for all things relevant and empowering. Awesome son and brother. Friend to many. This is an inspiring poem along with so many of his entries. Let me tell you he is on fire 🔥 Keep following him.

    Liked by 2 people

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