Standing in Line

We wait no more. 

For the time has come when the

Sick and tired are sick of being tired.

Shedding the old ways of wailing, crying, and begging for change

Hands up?  

If only to protect the face,

block the blows and counterpunch the systemic plan to oppress. 

Let us pray and protest.. maneuver and manifest

Give a small piece of your sensual soul to the cause

Melodies and maladies,

Singing through the tragedies 

Ringing out.

Time to set the tone

Hover like drone until time to strike. 

Invite movers and shakers to the karamu 

Let’s dance and mingle in the moment and rejoice

For we have made a choice

To no longer stand in line and wait

We take 

All that we deserve

With gall and nerve 

Restrictions fall off like clothes 

To the natural, the naturist vibe, I strive for 

A deeper meaning of freedom

Rich with meditative, melanated dark matter

Piercing the pineal with sharp sparks from southern skies

The wise follow trinity, take your pick – one, two or three?

Navigating the shadowy past with a matchstick.

Triangles and triads, pyramid schemes and liquid dreams 

Inherently passionate…And prepared to stand strong. 

Never slowing – forever growing,

Weathering the storm and stillness

Overcoming the illness – the lack of sustenance and substance.

And acknowledging the lack of motion 

The pendulum at a stand still

Until YOU and ME – WE Rise up! 

With Ra in our eyes.  

Rotations in the constellations of life  

We, wait …no more. 

From door to door, we knock – Hodi! we shout!

Careful – the leeches are lurking Looking and jerking.

Trolling down the boulevard 

And into the courtyard.  

Announcement:  Open doors to all who seek redemption and restitution! 

My solution is simple: Cause and effect. 

Action turns to reaction then gains traction. 

And we wait – no more. 

We make many moves under many moons and then soon

Momentum is born and brings a conquering soul into the bright light.  

…and there, we find – victory.

2 thoughts on “Standing in Line

  1. I need to reconnect with you all… I’m spiritually suffocating. Forgive me for past missteps. Peace. Ali Ali


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