New Do – NO Do

Just a new joke I have for my newly bald self. Kali’s aunt said, “you have a new do!” I said, “more like a NO Do” and that got a laugh out of everyone. It’s a fresh energy and statement for this 2019 Virgo Season. Here’s a look at my new No Do.

I’m digging it, but have to deal with the fear of getting bumps or peeling or whatever other scary stories I’ve heard from all my bald comrades out there.

Maybe someone can help me out here??… I bought a Philips Norelco 4100 Aquatic Electric Razor. It works really well, I just had to learn how to clean it and how often I need to shave. It’s certainly a new experience, but again, I’m digging it. I could use some tips, tricks and otherwise…

…I’m striving to be like these brilliant, bald Brothas!

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