Raw Vegan! (for 30 Days)

Ahhh, the challenges in life. I do my best to eat healthy on a daily basis. I watch my calories and starches and I’m gluten-free! I don’t eat pork and too little beef to really remember the last time I had any. I try to drink lots of water now, cut back on alcohol and caffeine, little to no sweets (mainly because pastries are full of gluten) well I made my point.

So, what was left, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan – how about all the way raw?!? It’s a challenge the Uplyff crew and I have decided to take on for 30 days.

I haven’t began any fancy recipes yet, but they’re coming! (see Naked Vegan) Meanwhile I ‘m just focusing on some salads, peppers, avocado, simple stuff for now. A humble beginning to the journey. By all means – join me! Get on IG and post your pics with the tag #uplyffvegan.

It’s been 2 days so far and my body is already feeling different. To be clear, I feel a little lighter on my feet, but the difference is also felt because I haven’t had coffee in two days and my head is spinning a bit! But, it’s all good – I sip on a little organic wine to balance things out. peace

Sending peace and honor to our fallen, who made every attempt at awakening the spirit through diet revolution. To Dr. Sebi and Nipsey Hussle – Rest in Power…

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