Better Tomorrow

I am indeed American.  Distant and destructive.  

I AM, the man who once bore the pain from the proof of the swords that slashed the innocent souls. 

Deemed honorable and desolate, I hold my ground, like a massive painting leaning against the wall. 

On the wall of justice, wrestling with those teeth clinching moments of restlessness, I stand firm.  

As I gaze into the streets of polluted soul and subculture strolls, I stand firm. 

I listen to my heart when I find the spark of righteousness and I deal with those gritty, grind-out moments. 

I have flashes of brilliance in the deep, deep spring wells of fresh liquid and flow and trickle-down theories. 

And Internet queries. 

And the Maat clears me. 

The mixed blood, the balance of black and white and red.  I shed, only to find myself still standing firm. 

From feet to ground and where beat meets sound, planted and rooted with my crew of banned misfits in the line to justice. 

I don’t rally in the tradition of Martin, or in the vain of Sharpton. 

I stand firm, in belief and refuge and release. 

In pride and sorrow. 

Better life and better tomorrows. 

I refute and refuse to lie down, ’cause my crown is lifted. 

Pushed to the top, my head is the king dome. 

The rich and mighty message, that started from the home. 

The foundation I build will yield all that has eluded my race of fighters and scholars and even those chasing dollars. 

I stand firm on the blessing of my ancestors and the spiritual, magical vibe of the drum. 

The forbidden boom that made ruckus in the womb of the Congo, West of the Atlantic. 

The Congo of the N.O., the Square, take me there, to freedom.

To the free and dumb, who now push the mic and money to any dummy who makes the bank account grow. 

So, now, as the time draws near, and I have shed all my tears, I will fly, like the sacred owls and the winged Goddess. 

I will land on solid ground. 

I will look back to the heavens for approval and renewed strength, prepared to learn and then I will know that once and for all, when the Akoben calls, that my stance is… FIRM and my new life begins – tomorrow.

One thought on “Better Tomorrow

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