A Day with Jerry Pinkney

I had the honor of picking up author/illustrator Jerry Pinkey from the Hopkins International Airport for a visit and lecture at my Cuyahoga County Public Library –  Warrensville Heights Branch.  He jumped in the vehicle and we instantly began a great conversation about our art inspirations, community, and family among other things.  We hopped on I-480 East heading for the hotel and I asked Mr. Pinkney if he needed to stop for anything.  He asked if we could go to the Cleveland Museum of Art.  I said, “of course!”

We arrived at the hotel and he checked in, then we headed for University Circle.  It just so happened that the Ecstasy of Kara Walker exhibit was still on display.  I had already seen it once, but it was really cool to be able to ask Mr. Pinkney’s opinion on the various pieces throughout the exhibit.  After leaving the museum, we went to my library where he spoke to a couple of hundred youth (check out the video below).  We then left to have dinner with library director Sari Feldman and others before returning to the library for an open lecture that drew another large and diverse crowd of customers.  He signed a ton of books, including mine, of course.  Such an amazing day.

And in case you didn’t know Mr. Pinkney was the winner of the 2016  Children’s Literature Legacy award (formerly named the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award) and the 2016 Coretta Scott King–Virginia Hamilton Award for Lifetime Achievement.  Mr. Pinkney’s work is featured as a permanent installation in the Youth Department at the Orange Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library.

Here is my video of Mr. Pinkney doing what he does best!

Some of my favorites illustrated by Jerry Pinkney:


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