Mind Control: Empire, Fox, and other stupid sh!t

What is this Drip Drop crap?!?!? 

Is this a hip-hop spoof??  SNL?

We are dealing with some serious mind control… Stereotypical B.S….   Excuse, after excuse…  Stop the madness!

There are a number of us who are literally putting ourselves on the line, in harms way, everyday, to educate our children and their parents.  We advocate, we meet and plan and implement, all to rebuild our community – relentlessly!  We witness our precious youth destroy each other based on dysfunctional family structures and the garbage that is put out there in the media.  A young brother was murdered on Aetna, in Cleveland, OH – I knew him.  His sister is like family.  I used to give him and his sister rides when he was younger.  Shot at point-blank range, left in cold blood.

We’re not JUST listening to music, or JUST watching tv anymore.  Yes, we must take action, but I dare not proclaim that we have to blame the oppressive machine first, the oppressed second, forever, until things are right.  They strategically plant garbage to distract us and knock us down every time we work so very hard at building up our spirit of community.  We must demand better; we must take a stance.

Take a look at the puppet Lee Daniels and his ridiculous track record of degrading movies and shows (Empire, Monster’s Ball, The Butler, and Precious), and statements – he said “call me a sell-out” and then laughed (on CNN); look at the racist Fox Network, that all of a sudden wants to back a “black” show with all these resources; take a look at the financial backing Chief Keef received and not to mention that pathetic In Love with My Coco abomination backed by Universal Music Group.  (And YOU know that I am only scraping the surface here)

Note: When Chief Keef came out, the children we work with got wind of it and appeared to forget everything we ever taught them; same with the Coco song; the same with Empire – they all make our rebuilding process THAT MUCH HARDER.

cheef Who is he at War with??

I used to chalk things up to the “just tv/ just music” ideal by being entertained by the beefs between Pac and Biggie, Quik and Eiht, Cube and Common, 50 and Ja Rule, but I live in this world that won’t allow it anymore – the sh!t is out of control.  Newsflash – My brother Rayshawn Armstrong was murdered less than one year ago by someone steeped in this tragic subculture.

o.t.-genansis-wotsn  MTV, huh?  Jam of the Week?

So again, the children I work with on a daily?  There are some wonderful, amazing, bright and inquisitive minds that still fall into the trap and begin to worship this garbage on the tv and radio (and the video games – GTA was celebrated on CNN!), or they are bullied and often persuaded by others who do.  Many of them recite these lyrics and want to mimic the characters on these shows all day, the parents are too often disenfranchised, uneducated and weak from the daily beat-down to fight back.  In fact, they begin to mimic this mess as well – from Madea to Cookie!

I agree with Dr. Boyce Watkins and his strong stance against the music (and the REAL ‘Empires’ that control it) and certainly against the minstrel show Empire mainly because he admits that he won’t view it because he will probably be “entertained” and keep watching!  That’s the trick, and they know it.

Please everyone, stop supporting this show and the so-called music that is so incredibly negative and pushed and promoted by an oppressive machine.  At least think about it one more time and consider it.

Love to you all.  Respect.  Let’s build something better.

SOLUTIONS?!?  Think critically about the damage that is being done – become more selective with what you watch and listen to.  READ!!  Begin searching for better music (check out websites like OkayPlayer, Frolab, Afropunk).  Fight to get arts back in public schools.   Just a beginning…  (Check out the resources below)

Any other ideas out there?



4 thoughts on “Mind Control: Empire, Fox, and other stupid sh!t

  1. yeah, sadly my mom seems as if she were a different person during and after watching this show. i cant sit down and talk to her about it because she would go off. if only i had a mirror to show her how she is after watching this show, but this article is the closest thing to do so. other than that she is a sweet person, and a strong christian but i dont understand. im only 15 but youd think it’d be the other way around haha


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