Social Media Madness?

Most recently I had a friend state that she liked “men” that used social media sparingly.  Respect.  Funny thing is, she said it on – a social media site.  So, the problem is of course that sometimes we need to do one majorly important thing – sssshhhhhhh….

No love lost, my friend.

Seriously though, I love personal interactions, but I also happen to appreciate some social media sites.  I left Memphis at 17, lived in Jackson, MS (JSU Sonic BOOM!!) for 9 years, Natchez for a summer and Hattiesburg, MS for 2 years; Bedford, OH for 2 years, Old Brooklyn, OH for about 5 years, and the inner city of Cleveland (BUCKEYE!) for the past 3 years, and to this day I am hundreds of miles away from my family in all directions.  Hoping the math adds up, I have been around AND being a musician I have met so many artists from all walks of life, of all ages, races, backgrounds, genders, etc.  From Tennesseans to Tanzanians, poets to Pan-Afrikanists, I am incredibly blessed to know (or know of) each and every one of them.  I love to follow them as their stories unfold.  I have watched them break cultural barriers, change lives, provide inspiring images, educate the masses, develop spiritually, meet other people and ultimately follow their dreams and hopes for a society gone mad – a world steeped in oppression, destruction, and greed.  They are with me in the fight and they fill me with a desire to better myself, to grow, balance my life, correct my mistakes, and simply learn from their experiences.

Question is:  How in the hell am I supposed to even halfway keep up with all these amazing individuals?!? – They are crazy talented, beautiful souls, strong supporters of many of the causes that I believe in, and so on.  News flash – I have no intention of letting them go!  I don’t see them often, don’t even hear from many of them often, and don’t have to!!!  It’s the power of using social media.  I’m no dummy, I know how dangerously addictive these sites/apps are as well – network responsibly!  And, trust me, I know there are many other ways to keep in contact as well, but if it ain’t broke, I ain’t fixin it.

So, there you have it, my little rant/defense of the uses of social media – yes, stated on a social media site.  End of the day, to each his/her own.


P.S. Build Social-Media-Iconswith me on the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (gotta love Pinterest), WordPress, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, MySpace… I think that’s about it – for now.  Or, just holla at me, mail me a letter, meet me at the Kahawa Shop!


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