The Motor City – A Deeper Perspective

On one of several trips to Detroit, MI, I had the honor of meeting and speaking at length with Dayami Dabl, owner of Mbad’s African Bead Museum (  It was such an enlightening experience and we took many photos and notes on our conversation.

Here are some camera shots from the visit (find the complete gallery here)

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 These are some of the key talking points and some great quotes from the conversation:

The mirrors allow us to control and manipulate. They allow us to see what is behind us.

Comment on the Adinkra symbol Gye Nyame – except God. A benevolent God – aloof and distant.

The sun is the right eye – open during the day.

The moon is the left eye – open at nght.

Mirrors… are 2 dimensional, but they appear to be 3 dimensional. They play with reality.

Commentary with the ancestors – social, political relationships between Africa and Europe.

200 years of colonization – built up hatred from the physical.

We have been taught how to become a European.

Born into a hangover so we assume it is for us.

Distance and conflict – superficial

Rhetoric proganda – enemies become friends

It is common for many Afrikans to speak 7 languages.

In America, we are trapped in a language we don’t understand.

(Afrikan) Langauges were buried over time and they emerge in bits and pieces.

Mudcloth patterns are a scripted language.

Artists regaining their correct place in this world – Art is not just art!

There is an enemy educating our children.

What is fine art? It is a term of supremacy and exclusivity.

Learning to write is learning to think- it teaches us how to think, organizing our thoughts.

The more we know about ourselves, the more powerful we become.

Key to Life (The Ankh) – the penis and the vagina.

State your facts – don’t debate with a bunch of “I thinks”

Only a fool tests the depths of water with both feet.

Provide ambiance and music.

There has been an erosion of values.

Additionally, here is a list of books and other resources that derived as a result of our talk…   Check out more at Good Reads!


2 thoughts on “The Motor City – A Deeper Perspective

  1. I’m proud to say I have most of these books except for two of them. Knowledge is power! We can never forget that! Great post!


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