Wanna pull those up?

So what’s left to say?  It’s butt cleavage that came from prisons – you’re advertising; he has to walk with his legs wide just so they don’t fall down;  you can’t run from anyone… that’s just disgusting…  His boxers aren’t even clean!  Ugh!  You know saggin is niggas spelled backwards right?  Did I miss anything?  Let’s try this one:  Young brother, I, and the rest of us elders, we love you, man.  No disrespect, but you’re doing something that you probably don’t understand.  You’re underwear should never be showing.  Please think about it.  Don’t give in to the madness around you.  Your pants should not be hanging that low.  …Maybe it’s a start…

The unexplained saggin phenomena

2 thoughts on “Wanna pull those up?

  1. I never understood this fashion, and the origin of it is a mystery to me also. These are the possible origins that I have heard of, an open invitation for prison love, or is it a result of a hand-me down from an older brother a couple sizes to big? Either way I think it really should end, because Black men or any man for that matter are way too beautiful to be showing their drawers in public.Thank you.


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