What it means to be a Griot…

Sometimes you do things because it just feels right, or you may feel some type of pressure.  But sometimes, you have to admit when things are simply divine.

I am a Griot who speaks through rhythm, the Ngoma, the drum.  I am immensely proud to be a Griot.  It is a way of life, a means of growth and confidence.  Trust me when I say, becoming an activist and moving into a conscious mind-state will change everything!  There will be so many internal struggles and external tirades.  You will no longer settle for the BS.  You will ease into a comfort zone with your natural self.  You will seek, and find, those of like mind and ability; there is absolute strength in numbers.

To find yourself… it is, by far, the most liberating, expanding, enlightening experience that you can ever have in life.  Learning of my inherent duty as a Griot for the Diaspora, sent by God and reinforced by my ancestors to serve as a voice for the meek and one who uplifts humanity in its most pure form grounds me.  Please listen, open your hearts and minds.  “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.”

Shout out to my fellow griots of the world!

…to the Warriors …to the Griot Project … to Umojah Nation …to my family and friends.


I come to you in the spirit of the Adinkra symbol Akofena, the swords of war

– representing courage, valor, and heroism.     Quick Adinkra reference here.

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