Here come the judge… A Valiant Rebirth

Ok, so I’ve been watching Bamboozled this weekend and began doing some soul searching research on “blackface” and minstrel shows.  So, hence, “here come the the judge”…. interesting to say the least.

Anyway, Welcome!

I am one of those Warriors – I am Ali Jamal, son of Herbert and Charlene; younger sibling to Sherian and Khari; father to Kali Mariah – we that embody the bloodline and lineage of the Boyds/ Johnsons/ Logans/ Barbers/ etc.

I am that info-tech-dad-pulse drummer-culture driven-poet-friend-son-lover-Brother-believer.  That is me.  I am here to document, express, listen, and grow.  I wish to guide, to follow, to learn, and to bless the web with posts of my experiences, laced with intriguing, fact based dialogue and kindred, ancestor guided spirit.

I will post on books and information, family, daily encounters, the arts and events, updates from the Common Denominator, Inc.: i.e. the Warrior’s Pulse website, the Fifth Element Coffee Bar, Umojah Nation Reggae Band, the Iris Fashion Blog, and the Griot Project Poets, among other things.

I do not wish to bore with verbosity, or with irrelevant topics, but to offer my honest accounts of what I feel is an interesting life that I lead.

Peace be unto you all as you gain knowledge and understanding.  Live compassionate, savvy, confident lives.  And by all means….  Stay Tuned!  Great things lie ahead.

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