Everyone Makes Mistakes, Right?

My dear Sista in the arts and in the cosmos, Erykah Badu, seemed to make the mistake of her career.  Bad album?  Or photo shoot?  Nope.  Far beyond the awkward appearing relationships with the various fathers of her children.  In fact, who cares about that?!?  That is her business.  It doesn't affect her music, her … Continue reading Everyone Makes Mistakes, Right?

The Artistry OF Erykah Badu

I just couldn't help but pay a little homage... In recent times, has there been another artist (i.e. musician, painter, sculptor, poet...) that has been drawn, written about, painted, or "filtered" more than Erykah Badu?  If there has please let this brotha know.  Either way, her Motherland features (lips, hips, and other parts), and her … Continue reading The Artistry OF Erykah Badu