Mind Trip

The African symbology that embodies me forces my soul to awaken and find strength in truth. A wise elder once spoke to me and then blessed my eyes with an honorable path to freedom. As I apporached my fourth life cycle, I knew that death was on the horizon. Not knowing in what shape or … Continue reading Mind Trip

Hill District – Pittsburgh, PA

Photos from my quick stop in Pittsburgh, PA's Hill District.  Home of great ancestors such as Art Blakey, August Wilson and EJ Josey.  There was a great shop called the Ujamaa Collective.  Click the logo to check out their site!  

From Ankh to Akofena – Finding strength in symbols

There is such a deeper side to life that very few ever encounter.  What makes it even worse is that many who actually encounter this deeper side don't know how to use it to guide them, or to express their gift to the world, or simply enjoy the world in a fulfilling way.  I have found … Continue reading From Ankh to Akofena – Finding strength in symbols