CLE Car Show 2022

Confession: This was my first car show - EVER! I'm just not into cars like that, but it was't bad at all. We saw some pretty dope vehicles and also some cars that haven't changed much over the years. Perhaps car makers are running out of ideas! Oh well, here are a few of the … Continue reading CLE Car Show 2022

My Second Journey to East Africa – pt.1

From LaGuardia to Kilamanjaro.. Early morning! These folks were headed to India - a pretty wild site. Kenya Airways! The Journey begins.. Watching In the Heights - one of many movies! We had to gas up in Uganda. We made it to Arusha! Kilamanjaro Airport COVID Protocols - Annoying.. but necessary. Heading into town - … Continue reading My Second Journey to East Africa – pt.1

Revealing Krishna at the CMA

As always, Kali and I have the best experiences! On this day, it was unusually warm for December so we got out and enjoyed another CMA exhibit entitled Revealing Krishna. The virtual reality experience with narration was awesome, but the story of how "Krishna" made its way to Cleveland was even more amazing. It's a … Continue reading Revealing Krishna at the CMA

The Immersive Van Gogh Experience

This was dope! Van Gogh, crazy as hell - or was he? I can relate, kind of.. Anyway, the Immersive Van Gogh was a fantastic experience. One of a kind. I have to respect all the work a project like this takes! Masterful projectors and painting and curating and graphic design - they completely transformed … Continue reading The Immersive Van Gogh Experience

Kayaking in the Cuyahoga River

Another pandemic-time getaway. Relatively inexpensive, very little hassle, and divinely peaceful. I highly recommend it! Check them out at peace

“Proof” Photo Exhibit

Another really cool and free exhibit at the CMA. A fine demonstration of photo journalism documented by way of the contact sheet - (that sheet of camera film with multiple photos of the same image of which you pick out the best ones). With digital cameras we have a new type of "contact sheet". We … Continue reading “Proof” Photo Exhibit

A Day in Brooklyn, NY

We headed to NYC with Queen to get a firsthand look at a wholesale shopping experience. The Queen in action! "Pandemic style", Time Square was empty (and eerie) but Brooklyn was alive! That NY Energy - can't wait for Afropunk! peace Skyscrapers and everythang Ginaya sipping on early morning java I Am a Stolen Legacy … Continue reading A Day in Brooklyn, NY

Introducing Maura, the new family addition!

It only took Kali about 7 years to make me break down and get another dog! I swear, every year since Pharoh passed, she has asked and I have made every excuse in the book to avoid it. For some reason, this just felt like the year. And, it didn't hurt that Ginaya agreed to … Continue reading Introducing Maura, the new family addition!

Anisfield Wolf Book Awards – 2019

As usual, one of my favorite events of the year came right on time. Filled with a crowd of librarians, storytellers, cultural enthusiasts, activists and artists, the Anisfield-Wolf Awards did not disappoint. I didn't get the best photos this year, but the event itself was phenomenal. The overarching spirit throughout was surrounding ancestor Toni Morrison. … Continue reading Anisfield Wolf Book Awards – 2019