The Hillman College Bookstore


Hillman Bookstore The impact of A Different World is irrefutable. It is easy to find HBCU alumni, students and friends who revel in their Hillman College experience. I mean, really, who among us isn’t binge watching A Different World on Netflix? (If you aren’t we won’t judge you. Just get your cousin’s Netflix info and join us.)

Hillman College Crystal Hillman College and Ribs. Is there a better combination? Let’s ask Dr. de!

Winston Robinson, founder of Hillman Bookstore, is like many in my generation. His understanding of HBCU culture began with A Different World. As a child, Robinson says his view of school of was unfavorable. “I saw college as more school and more work.” The middle of the first season of A Different World found him changed. He was determined to turn this experience into a lifestyle. The idea of living a Ron Johnson-ish lifestyle was the motivation he needed to…

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